Utopia P2P’s Crypton (CRP) is the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

Utopia P2Ps Crypton CRP is the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

Utopia P2Ps Crypton CRP is the Future of Cryptocurrency Mining

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Among the most popular cryptocurrencies for mining are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Filecoin, Chia. Each has a relatively high investment risk, poor outlook, and questionable use-cases. What if there were a cryptocurrency that had no such weaknesses? Such is the condition of the exclusive and fully integrated privacy coin of the Utopia Peer-to-Peer Ecosystem, Crypton (CRP).

Investment Risk

Miners looking to earn any significant amount of BTC, ETH, FIL or CHIA are required to make serious investments in hardware, whether that equipment is in the form of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) for Bitcoin, GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) for Ether, or HHDs (Hard Disk Drives) for FIL or CHIA. This equipment can cost miners thousands or even millions of dollars to gain any significant foothold in the market. Some equipment, such as the ASICs, is exclusive to a coin or class of coins and has no other purpose or function besides the mining itself. Such high levels of investment represent a very high level of risk to prospective miners and with market saturation, may not provide long term expectation of profitability.


Having high equipment and energy needs for mining in a global environment where renewable energy and minimizing e-waste have become priorities means the mining of these coins have poor future outlooks. During a market downturn for Bitcoin, unprofitable mining equipment are often trashed wholesale, and during regular mining operations, it is estimated the lifecycle of a hard disk drive mining CHIA is reduced to mere weeks. None of these circumstances are viable in the long term.



Cryptocurrency mining is influenced by the speculation of the markets. Intense periods of speculation that result in inflated market prices can make even the most unsustainable economic activities profitable in the short term. The most sound investments in mining are those which can survive virtually any market condition. A main requirement of such mining is genuine coin utility–when demand exists for the coin being mined outside of speculative frenzies.

Enter Crypton (CRP): Low Risk, Sustainable, Genuine Utility

Utopia is a revolutionary peer-to-peer ecosystem with no equal. It provides an encrypted and censorship-free version of the internet as we know it, with an integrated and private payment unit called Crypton. Users are free to register domains, host websites and take payment, issue invoices, transfer funds, all in the exclusive currency CRP. Mining of Crypton is among the most accessible of any digital currencies, requiring only a static, public IP and a high quality internet connection beyond nominal hardware requirements. There is no special equipment that needs to be acquired, virtually anyone can mine CRP using their home internet connection or a virtual private server (VPS). As surveillance and censorship becomes more prevalent, the utility of Utopia will continue to rise and along with it, demand for its exclusive digital currency, Crypton. This is why the future of cryptocurrency mining is Utopia P2P’s Crypton (CRP).

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