Skrapper Legends NFT Collection Honors Babe Ruth

BallerTV is Selling NFTs of High School Basketball Stars

BallerTV is Selling NFTs of High School Basketball Stars

Two men with the same name have come together to combine non-fungible tokens (NFTs), baseball, and award-winning contemporary art.

William Quigley is a famed contemporary artist who has worked with some of the most respected art galleries worldwide including Karl Hutter Fine Art, The Philadelphia Museum of Fine, and Art Basel. The artist has been chosen by friend and founder of WAX, William E. Quigley, to create the art for a new NFT collection featuring Babe Ruth. It is not often that two men who share a first and last name can collaborate on a project. 

Quigley, the artist, and SkrapperPunk have taken the award-winning picture “The Babe Bows Out” and turned it into a collection of NFTs to bring Ruth’s legacy into the digital asset age. The photograph, taken by Nat Fein of the New York Herald Tribune, depicts Babe Ruth leaning on his bat for support due to weakness from terminal cancer.

The crowd at Yankee Stadium was there to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ‘The House that Ruth Built’ and retire his No. 3 jersey. Two months later, Ruth was dead and Fein’s picture went on to win the Pulitzer Prize. 


Now, in 2021, the piece has been brought back to life by famed contemporary artist William Quigley. The collection is called the Skrapper Legends NFT collection and will be live on the WAX Blockchain on June 22.

The collection combines Quigley’s passion for fine art featuring world-famous athletes with SkrapperPunk’s digital art knowledge to honor one of the most celebrated athletes in U.S. sports history. 

William E. Quigley of Wax stated that “WAX is proud to partner with William Quigley to further celebrate and cement Babe Ruth’s legacy. By immortalizing this unforgettable moment in sports history, it brings together three powerhouses that are so relevant to today: crypto, art, and sports for an unforgettable NFT experience.”

The Skrapper Legends Collection

NFT packs will go on sale on June 22 and be purchasable by anyone with money and access to the WAX blockchain. The collection will be a limited run of just 714 packs that signify his 714 career home runs. Each pack will be sold for $100 and contain a single NFT card with a chance at snagging one of three priceless Legendary hits.

All cards fall into either common, epic, or legendary classifications. Of the 714 total cards, 651 are common, giving buyers a 91.18% chance of pulling one from their digital pack. Buyers have an 8.4% chance of pulling one of the 60 epic cards, while the three legendary cards offer collectors just a 0.42% chance per pack to get lucky. All cards are pre-minted which allows collectors to open their packs, or not open them, at the time of their choosing. 

Once the packs are opened, the NFTs can be safeguarded in the WAX Cloud Wallet, traded with friends, or resold at the owner’s discretion.


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