Save the Date for Alium Art Marketplace Launch in June 2021

Save the Date for Alium Art Marketplace Launch in June

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Given that the NFT market is rapidly growing, the need for a trustworthy and efficient marketplace became apparent. Despite multiple platforms for NFT exchange, some users find these services overpriced and lack differentiation in terms of art and collections. The developers of Alium Art recognized the existing demand within the NFT market and created a marketplace that responds to the needs of art collectors and creators of the Internet.

The Alium Art marketplace is set to launch on the 15th of June and is expected to become a breakthrough service for the NFT sector. The platform represents a multi-chain NFT marketplace and will offer the finest selection of valuable features in the market. The main difference, which makes Alium stand out from their competitors, is their art-centered development philosophy. While other solutions are created by Crypto Geeks and miss the main point – the art itself, this marketplace pleasantly surprises with their collections of digital craftsmanship. The developers didn’t leave creators aside and came up with a list of benefits to facilitate their engagement on the marketplace, including exclusive drops, gallery customization, content filtering based on categories, and account verification level. Digital art creators will also be able to adjust their royalties, meaning they can decide on the percentage of profit they will receive each time their NFTs are sold on the secondary market.

On top of that, the company strives to maintain a very advanced technological level of their NFT marketplace, as they integrated Binance Smart Chain to aid faster transactions using smart contracts. Alium places the safety of their clients on top of their priorities and, therefore, provides Secure Private Blockchain for Personal Data. Be sure to receive the most technologically advanced service and keep your information safe when using the Alium Art marketplace.


The marketplace is only expected to launch on the 15th of June. The Alium Finance company had already announced its intent to expand the range of offered features and works on its development. A few of the most awaited features are VR/AR Galleries integration, charitable auctions, multi-blockchain, and many others. There is also a contest for Talented NFT creators with a $15 000 prize pool! Stay tuned for the launch of the Alium Art marketplace!


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