Garlicoin – The Best-kept Altcoin Secret

Garlicoin The Best kept Altcoin Secret

Garlicoin The Best kept Altcoin Secret

The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists.

The secret of the best performing crypto traders is that they know how to keep a secret. They will invest in a cryptocurrency before everybody else finds out.

And from that point, the hype can begin.

The thing when you’re an early bird is that you buy into a cryptocurrency at a discount price.


And when you buy so low and wait for it to grow, you have a lot of room for market fluctuation.

Imagine that in March 2020, Bitcoin’s price had gotten so low that some people bought it for 5,000 USD while the market was in extreme fear.

Those traders then waited for Bitcoin to rise in value, and to everyone’s surprise, in April, BTC rose over 65,000 USD.

In June 2020, we saw BTC under 40k, but those that caught Bitcoin on sale can wait very well for it to go to a new all-time high.

And let’s say BTC is tumbling down. Those that bought it for 5K are still in profit even if BTC goes down to 6k.

And aside from Bitcoin, which is the most popular cryptocurrency, let’s take Polkadot. Even though Polkadot is a WEB3 Foundation project, you could barely hear anyone talking about the project back in August 2020, when it had a price of less than 3 USD. But it became viral once its price rose over 20 USD, reaching the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

And the examples can continue all day long, but let’s not stretch this article pointlessly.

The good ol’ Dogecoin

Believe it or not, Dogecoin is the cryptocurrency everybody knows about, but most traders won’t invest in it because it’s “just a meme” altcoin.

And who could blame them? On January 1st, 2021, Doge was valued a little less than half a penny.

Furthermore, they all knew that some guy, namely Jackson Palmer, photoshopped the doge meme over a coin and created a whole fake cryptocurrency brand to mock the greed in the market and the clone coins popping out everywhere.

Indeed, Dogecoin became a real cryptocurrency, being implementing over a Litecoin fork. But even so, the project was never thought out to scale.

Most crypto enthusiasts used it to play around with a less intimidating cryptocurrency and to tip other Reddit users.

People would remember Dogecoin every once in a while, especially when Elon Musk would tweet about it. But that wasn’t more than a bit of hype.

Even with significant growth from 0.002 USD to 0.005 USD, Doge would still be dismissed.

However, Dogecoin showed that a meme has more power than any kind of reasoning.

The Dogecoiners started getting behind the meme and pushing it to 1 USD without anyone realizing what’s going on.

By the time the whole cryptocurrency world had realized what’s going on, Dogecoin rose over 1 cent.

The secret altcoin

And the trend prevails even as cryptocurrencies have calmed down a little. The altcoin nobody is telling you about yet follows the path Dogecoin open is called Garlicoin.

Garlicoin is a cryptocurrency started back in 2018 by a Reddit user, DigitalizedOrange, who published a post titled “If this post gets 30,000 upvotes, I will make a garlic bread cryptocurrency called Garlicoin,”

The cryptocurrency is based on the garlic bread meme, which was especially popular at that time. And speaking of memes, did Elon Musk send a secret message to the garlic community? I guess that’s something we will never find out.

The Garlicoin community has recently increased its activity on Reddit, and the memes have started flowing once more with a funny community-based vocabulary such as tasty garlic bread fresh out of the oven, an unofficial garlic anthem, and a monthly meme challenge.

And as the community gets bigger, the support for GRLC increases. From 0.01 USD, the price has risen over 0.1 USD, and it’s increasing steadily.

And considering that Garlic has a max supply of 69 million GRLC and a market cap of 7 million USD at the price of 0.1 USD, the project can easily reach new all-time highs as the community grows.

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