DOGE Competitor,, From $16,186 to $4,436,249 Less Than 1 Week!

DOGE Competitor Richquackcom From 16186 to 4436249 Less Than 1

DOGE Competitor Richquackcom From 16186 to 4436249 Less Than 1

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“How much would you invest if you knew that our market cap would jump from 16k to 4.4million USD?” – @RichQuack Twitter token, Dogecoin’s hottest competitor, Just Got covered in Coin Market Cap News, has been attracting attention due to its similarity to Dogecoin. So, what is Richquack token, and what are its features? Is Richquack token legitimate? What about the community supporting Richquack token?

Richquack is a token based on the Binance Smart Chain, boasting a number of impressive features. It is a token with a Black Hole design, which exponentially cuts the total supply in circulation by massive amounts. Richquack combines this with an innovative auto-liquidity feature that increases the liquidity of the token rapidly. Finally, Richquack has massive decentralization on a scale rarely seen in other tokens. These three features combined to produce a powerhouse token owned solely by the community. Richquack also adopts a Fair Launch model where 100% of the RichQuack supply is seeded as liquidity, which means no presale and no allocation to its team members.


While has been audited by Techrate Audit and got a perfect score, it also invites other reputable auditors to inspect it.

Since the launch of RichQuack Token, 5 Days ago, RichQuack has attracted 1600 holders, and 4000 people on Telegram Group peeking through the growth of QUACK token. Furthermore, they are currently doing an Airdrop, thousands of people are lining to get free 10Billion Quack Token. You can find Airdrop Info on their Twitter

3 Products of RichQuack that will launch soon1. Quack Launch PlatformEarly Access to the Next Filthy Get Rich Quack Scheme so that you can Profit before everyone else!2. Mega Quackpot RaffleAll Holders will be able to win Mega QUACKPOT! The more QUACK you have, the bigger chance to WIN!3. Lotto PlatformHourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Lotto so you can gamble your QUACK and Get Rich Quacker!

For more information about the RichQuack token, visit its website to see the token’s features.


Telegram Community:



Get yours now before the price flies to the moon. Currently Market Cap is still only 68k USD, 50 Quadrillion in circulation now, be QUACK trillionaire today! Many Experts predicted Market Cap will go to as high as 10 Million USD by the end of 2021. Writer personally believes these predictions are possible, nothing is impossible in the Crypto world afterall.

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