DeFi Yield Farming is Brilliant Says Legendary Investor Mark Cuban

DeFi Yield Farming is Brilliant Says Legendary Investor Mark Cuban

DeFi Yield Farming is Brilliant Says Legendary Investor Mark Cuban

The billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks has gone big into crypto and DeFi. In a blog post titled “The Brilliance of Yield Farming, Liquidity Providing, and Valuing Crypto Projects,” he has simplified the process of liquidity provision and yield farming.

DeFi yield farming exploded onto the scene in mid-2020 when the Compound Finance protocol launched its governance token, becoming the first platform to do so.

Cuban has been bullish ever since and kicked off his appraisal of DeFi with:

DeFi Rocks

Naturally, Cuban highlighted the Layer 2 aggregator Polygon first as he is heavily invested in it. His analysis approached the protocol from a business angle, explaining what it does and why it is worth investing in.


He compared it to Amazon’s cloud services which are highly centralized and designed to increase profits for the company and its shareholders.

“But blockchain based businesses diverge quickly from traditional software and the difference is where the brilliance of crypto based businesses like Polygon/Matic and their competitors, from BTC to ETH and even to Doge coin come in.”

Cuban added that if DeFi protocols took a centralized business path where they controlled and owned everything, they would have had to raise not just millions but potentially much more.

“Instead, they create a near zero cost token that they distribute in accordance with the tokenomics they defined to their community.”

The entrepreneur then goes on to explain decentralized exchanges, automated market makers, and how liquidity provision works. Cuban concluded that DeFi rocks because it does not focus on profits for the company:

“But their mission is not to maximize profits because in almost every crypto based organization, they are decentralized. Every token is created equal. No matter who owns it.”

Cuban’s 2021 in Crypto

Mark Cuban has made the headlines a number of times so far this year. In February, he said that the HODL ethos of Bitcoin traders helped him support the Reddit group that took a stand against the Wall Street whales.

In March, the Dallas Mavericks stated that it will accept Dogecoin payments for game tickets and merchandise, and in April, Cuban hinted at how much BTC he actually holds.

In May, Cuban went bullish for Ethereum, giving his reasons why it could eventually ‘dwarf Bitcoin.’

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