BTSE Open Up Digital Art World With NFT Marketplace White Label Solution

BTSE Open Up Digital Art World With NFT Marketplace White

BTSE Open Up Digital Art World With NFT Marketplace White

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The NFT craze that has swept the globe, shows no signs of slowing, and now one of the leading digital exchanges has made NFT marketplaces available as a white label solution, to those people or businesses that would like to run their own NFT marketplace.

BTSE, who are a BVI based digital exchange offering the trading of derivatives and spot, with multi currency support, including both digital and traditional currencies, are best known for their outstanding technology. They currently offer digital exchange white labels, as well as OTC trading on a huge selection of pairs and assets, in addition to asset management services for those who want to gain exposure to the non-stop digital currency arena.

This latest offering comes as welcome news to those artists, collectors and auction houses that would like to start offering their work and collections over the blockchain as non fungible tokens.


What does this mean?

Just like traditional art pieces, digital art pieces are non fungible. This means each piece is absolutely unique and collectible, unlike tokens such as Bitcoin, which can be exchanged for one another without compromising the value.

NFTs have grabbed the attention of celebrities with names like Lindsay Lohan dropping her comeback single as an NFT, and NFL’s Rob Gronkowski launching his own private collection digitally.

From the sublime to the extreme

NFTs first came to public attention following Jack Dorsey the founder of Twitter, auctioning off his first ever tweet to an individual for 2.9m USD(2.1m GBP). The tweet which was published in 2006 and said “just setting up my twttr,” saw the proceeds going directly to charity. Following this, came the Banksy NFT art work, which was burned live on air, and gained massive attention.

BTSE have teamed up with notable contemporary art gallery Unit London to launch the first ever NFT marketplace partnership between a digital exchange and an art house, with the goal of bringing the world’s of traditional and digital arts closer.

BTSE’s white label NFT solution will give users the ability to buy and sell art for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies, which is what makes this launch so appealing for a wider demographic than just the crypto-savvy. The marketplaces will connect directly with BTSE’s safe and secure wallet, which means that users do not need to go to the trouble of opening up external wallets.

Other creators have shown interest in launching BTSE’s technology for their own NFT marketplaces, in a move which is opening up the world of NFTs to a wider audience.

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