Biggest Renewable-Powered Crypto Mining Data Center Planned for Texas

Nvidia GPUs Getting Hash Rate Nerfs to Prevent Use in

Nvidia GPUs Getting Hash Rate Nerfs to Prevent Use in

Manhattan Solar Partners, LLC has announced plans to construct the biggest renewable-powered cryptocurrency mining data center in the USA. 

In a joint venture with BIT5IVE, LLC and GMine LLC, Manhattan Solar Partners is moving forward with its plans to build crypto data centers with a focus on renewable energy.

The new centers will utilize more than a gigawatt of renewable energy in Texas. A single gigawatt is enough to power north of 10 million light bulbs and almost enough to power one time-bending DeLorean. 

The data center will not only make environmental groups happier but will also create around 700 jobs for the local economy. 


Manhattan Solar Partners’ crypto data centers are expected to begin construction in Q3 of 2021 and are planning to live before the end of the year. Current clients of Manhattan Solar Partners are part of the plans and will be moving existing operations, both international and domestic, to Texas to utilize the renewable energy option. 

BIT5IVE is a builder of class A crypto mining centers and provides advanced hardware solutions. GMine is a project to explore the capabilities of renewable power in crypto mining. The team is comprises of professionals in the Oil and Gas industry who see the need for a sustainable future that incorporates cryptocurrency. 

Crypto mining has raised environmental concerns

As the process of mining cryptocurrency becomes more and more difficult, it requires more powerful computers that require a lot more energy. It has been calculated that the power usage of Bitcoin mining alone is more than that of some entire countries. If bitcoin were a country, it would rank 29th in the world in energy consumption, ahead of Norway and Argentina. 

This massive energy usage has led to many raised eyebrows from environmental groups and governments worldwide. 

One example of this is the Greenridge Power Plant in Torrey, NY. In May, the plant announced it would be converting from coal to natural gas and be used as a massive bitcoin mining operation. This led to a lawsuit by the Sierra Club and residents to stop the expansion as it violates state law by discharging super heated water into the local drinking supply. 

Another example of pushback was China’s recent ban on crypto mining. Before the ban, China accounted for between 55% and 65& of the world’s power consumption from crypto mining. While renewable energy made up about half of that, the industry still relies heavily on fossil fuels. 

Many of those who were forced out of China will join the Manhattan Solar Partners project in Texas, which has become a mecca for displaced mining operations. This is due to the low cost of energy along with renewable sources such as solar and wind making up 25% of the state’s total energy generation. 


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