Biggest Crypto Gainers of the Week

Biggest Crypto Gainers of the Week

The past week was a mix of everything the crypto market has to offer. Among the best-performing altcoins this week stood Akash Network (AKT), Kaspa (KAS), and Brett (BRETT). This is a combination of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) token, a meme coin, and a blockDAG structure asset.

BeInCrypto highlights that while these tokens rallied this week, here is what you can expect from them going forward.

Akash Network Marks a Sharp Rise

The rise in Akash Network’s price was unexpected, capitalizing on the positive momentum in the broader market. AKT surged by 33% last week, climbing from $2.6 to $3.6.

This increase propelled the altcoin to a multi-week high, though it remains focused on surpassing the $3.7 mark to potentially reach $4.0. A further recovery seems likely if the crypto market’s bullish trend persists.


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AKT Price Analysis. Source: TradingView

However, if AKT fails to break through the $3.7 barrier, its price could decline to $3.38 or lower, negating the current bullish outlook.

Kaspa Leaves a Dent

Given its sustained bullish trend, Kaspa’s price could potentially reach a new all-time high next month. The uptrend that started in early May continues, with KAS currently trading at $0.177, positioning it to capitalize on this momentum. In the last seven days alone, the altcoin has marked a 22% rise.

The current all-time high is $0.193, and for Kaspa to surpass this, it must first break through the $0.184 level. Converting this resistance into support could provide the necessary push for KAS to establish a new ATH.

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KAS Price Analysis.
KAS Price Analysis. Source: TradingView

However, having failed to close above this resistance three times in the past four months, history may repeat itself. If this occurs, KAS may consolidate above $0.162.

Brett, the Unexpected Star

Brett’s price registered a remarkable performance. Built on Coinbase’s BASE chain, the meme coin witnessed substantial gains this week. In early June, Brett surged by over 132% before being corrected. Over the past week, this bullishness revived as the meme coin outperformed many of the top coins to note a 14% rally.

BRETT’s all-time peak is $0.195, and there’s speculation that the meme coin could surpass this mark. Given the ongoing enthusiasm and demand for this altcoin, it might continue to thrive.

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BRETT Price Analysis.
BRETT Price Analysis. Source: TradingView

However, considering the historical volatility of meme coins, there remains a possibility that this attempt to break through could falter. Therefore, a potential decline to $0.140 cannot be ruled out, and a drop below this level would challenge the bullish outlook.


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